European Natura 2000 Award - Call for top conservation initiatives

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The past year has shown evermore how important nature is for our wellbeing.

With travel restrictions and curfews imposed, we have sought to get out of our homes and into the green areas surrounding us. Now it's time to give back and take care of nature's wellbeing.

Tens of thousands of volunteers are already doing their best to protect and conserve the species and habitats that make our shared natural heritage so unique. The Natura 2000 Network covers over 27,000 protected sites across the EU stretching from the Amalfi coast to the polar circle.

To recognize the efforts that uphold biodiversity, the Natura 2000 Award rewards those who dedicate themselves to nature. In times of major biodiversity loss, it is essential to highlight the ways in which we benefit from nature and that we should all make an effort to protect it.

The Natura 2000 network is the most far-reaching cooperation in the world when it comes to conservation and enables us to interact with nature sustainably so that everyone can enjoy green forests, fresh air, and clean water now and in the future. Protected Natura 2000 sites cover almost one tenth of the EU and one fifth of its seas.

At Arctik, our team cares about the well-being of humans and nature alike. We’re striving to raise awareness for the preservation of this fragile coexistence. In collaboration with the German consultancy adelphi, Arctik supports the Natura 2000 Award competition with strategic communication activities aiming to move the protected sites across the 27 EU member states into the spotlight.

The latest edition of the Natura 2000 Award has opened the call for applications in May 2021. Applications will be closed in autumn 2021. An expert jury will choose the winners in the award’s five categories, complemented by a public vote to determine the most popular project.

Find out more about the award on the Natura 2000 Award website. Feel free to spread the word using the hashtag #Natura2000Awards, whether you are one of the many professionals and volunteers involved in the management of a Natura 2000 site or a citizen caring about our valuable environment.

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