Sea For Society: First round of Consultations Forums on 9 European countries

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European citizens, young people and stakeholders assemble and debate to frame the “Blue Society”.

How can we develop a more integrated and sustainable approach of the marine and maritime systems in Europe? The EU funded project Sea For Society (SFS) attempts to bring new and innovative answers where the world ocean and the different solutions it offers in terms of economic, social, cultural or technological development are definitely a key component to count on.

Sea For Society (SFS) is a Mobilization and Mutual Learning Action Plan (MMLAP) bringing together 28 partners and associated partners from 12 countries in a dialogue process and joint actions to consider key questions, extract cross-cutting issues and propose challenge-driven solutions in order to ensure a sustainable management of marine ecosystem services by European citizens.

To learn more about the Sea for Society project, please visit and associated blogs developed in nine European languages of the geographical areas where consultations will take place.

To know more about the consultation:

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