Eco-innovation: one key string of Europe’s bow

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Between October 2013 and April 2014, Arctik’s consultants travelled around Europe with one goal: to promote the European Eco Innovation Action Plan (EcoAP).

Eco innovation accounted for 2,5% of EU GDP which represents an overall amount of 319 billion and 3,4 million employments in 2008 EcoAP is a set of initiatives that drives the development and uptake of innovation that benefit the environment, create growth and jobs, and relieve pressure on increasingly scarce and expensive resources. Eco innovations are key to European long-term competitiveness.

What is eco innovation?

Eco innovation refers to “any form of innovation resulting in or aiming at significant and demonstrable progress towards the goal of sustainable development, through reducing impacts on the environment, enhancing resilience to environmental pressures, or achieving a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources”(1).

Regarding this, EcoAP precisely targets drivers and barriers to eco innovation with the notion that eco innovation is not only about green technologies. Among its initiatives, EcoAP aims at funding and supporting SMEs, putting eco innovation at the heart of policy and regulation standards and targets, whilst also helping to demonstrate projects and improving skills and knowledge related to eco innovation.

Arctik’s role

Stakeholders’ engagement

As a subcontractor to Technopolis contract (No 070307/SER/2012/621513/E4) with Directorate General Environment (DG ENV), Arctik’s consultants had the opportunity to attend several conferences around Europe to engage with participants and explain the positive impact eco innovation has on businesses and organisations. Furthermore, Arctik has also promoted the EcoAP online platform.

In total, Arctik participated to around 14 conferences in 7 countries: the United Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, Sweden, France, Spain and Lithuania. As part of its commitments, Arctik organised its participation with stakeholders and engaged with participants in manning the stand and participating to matchmaking events. Overall Arctik met more than 150 people to promote a circular economy and sustainable approach to businesses.

Social media

In addition to these events, Arctik’s consultants generated tweets to @EU_ecoinno – the European Commission eco-innovation official Twitter. Using the hashtags #ecoinnovation and #circulareconomy, Arctik managed to raise EcoAP’s profile to stakeholders interested in innovation, environment and industry.


As part of its activities, Arctik took an active role in the EcoAP editorial board providing ideas and content to DG ENV’s communication such as online articles, e-newsletters, and experts’ interviews.


With the view to increase EcoAP’s visibility in media, Arctik’s consultants provided the European Commission and Technopolis with a comprehensive list of media contacts focusing on industry and environment issues at the European, national and regional levels.

Find more information about EcoAP!

Be an actor of the EU’s Eco-innovation community, register to the platform.

European Commission, COM 899 final: Innovation for a sustainable future – the Eco-Innovation Action Plan (EcoAP). Adapted from Decision n°1639/2006/EC establishing a Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.