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ETV - Making a difference for EU innovators

In 2014, Arctik is contracted by European Commission DG Environment to communicate ETV at fairs and conferences around Europe. Under the contract 07.0307/2013/668244/ENV.A.1, Arctik committed its services to promote ETV at events in Europe.

What is ETV?

ETV stands for the Environmental Technology Verification pilot programme.

Although new environmental technologies can make a significant difference in terms of resource and cost savings, they often never reach the market simply because they are new and untried. ETV aims to change this by providing verified evidence that innovative environmental technologies are credible, scientifically sound and perform as they claim. The end product is an ETV Statement of Verification, an independent third-party validation of the performance of a new technology. The document ascertains a technology’s performance and differentiates it from that of competitors.

Promoting ETV

Arctik has identified a comprehensive list of relevant events in Europe where ETV could be strategically promoted. On 3-4 June, Arctik’s Managing Director Cédric Hananel had the opportunity to kick-off official promotion by participating to the World Bio Energy Conference 2014.

Arctik engaged and helped position ETV during the matchmaking and the exhibition fair organised as part of the World Bio Energy conference. All in all, Cédric Hananel depicted ETV and answered questions about it with more than 35 representatives from businesses, media, the trade industry, investors, and technology developers.

In addition, to the official events covered in the contract, Arctik has disseminated ETV in the framework of its sub-contract with European Commission DG Environment on communicating the Eco-Innovation Action Plan (EcoAP). Whenever Arctik has the occasion to speak about ETV, it spreads the word and stands for it.

More information available on European Commission website!

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