Check out the latest ENHANCE publications!

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Arctik is leading the communication work package of the ENHANCE project – enhancing risk partnerships for disaster risk reduction.

Check out the latest publications of the project:

  • ENHANCE response to the European Union public consultation on the Green paper of the insurance of natural and man-made disaster underlines the role of insurance and partnerships could play in disaster risk reduction.
  • Working paper: Governance indicators for (un-)successful MSPs identifies indicators that can be used in the ENHANCE case studies to assess current partnerships and their performance as to how they manage and reduce risk from natural hazards.
  • Working paper: Risk perception and risk cultures in Europe focuses on identifying generic risk perception criteria through an assessment of different European risk cultures.
  • Working paper: Review of economic instruments in risk reduction analyses key economic instruments according to their potential for managing and creating risk management incentives. The purpose is to offer case studies methodologies about economic instruments for disaster risk reduction.
  • Report: Inventory of policy instruments and indicators for MSP-policy interaction comprises three reports. The first one explores partnerships for affordable and equitable disaster insurance. The second one addresses partnerships for a better governance of natural hazard risks whilst the third paper investigates the partnership for disaster resilient and climate-proof infrastructure.
  • Stay tuned via the project website or the hashtag #enhanceproject for more information!