Letters from Sendai

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Over the next few days, as part of Arctik role as communication partner of the ENHANCE project, we will provide short ‘letters’ from Sendai where the third UN Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction is taking place. The letters will pinpointing to the current debate and highlighting relevant new proposals or findings that are discussed here in Sendai.

14/03/2015 n°1 – 2015 as a pivotal year for global climate risk management?

15/03/2015 n°2 – Risk Assessment

15/03/2015 n°3 – Let’s do it together – but how? Multi-sectoral partnerships – the case of insurance

17/03/2015 n°4 – towards more holistic decision-making

17/03/2015 n°5 – A new perspective on disaster risk management and development: Unlocking the Triple Resilience Dividend?

18/03/2015 n°6 – Post 2015 DRR Framework in a stalemate negotiation

18/03/2015 n°7 – Incentivising risk reduction?

20/03/2015 n°8 – The post-2015 DRR framework got a new name: Sendai Framework for Action on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030

20/03/2015 n°9 – Reflection on WCDRR targets


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