Resource Efficiency Self Assessment tool

Post resource efficiency self assessment tool

Resource efficiency means business performance!

Arctik, together with an international consortium led by its partner Technopolis Group contributed to developing a resource efficiency self-assessment tool dedicated to SMEs.

The tool is available to European SMEs and will support individual companies to better understand their resource efficiency performance. It provides practical guidelines and information on how to improve resource productivity by saving energy, water and raw materials, as well as by reducing and better managing your waste.

Many good practices from SMEs all over Europe show that simple measures for resource efficiency can be easily implemented, and improve the success of your company, without needing costly investments. This self-assessment tool will help you get started and focus on what resource efficiency can do for you!

Resource Efficiency Self Assessment tool

Client: European Commission Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).

Keywords: resource efficiency, SME, Green Growth, Circular economy