There’s a new game in town!

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Arctik delivers marketing and communications solutions for a consumer-oriented energy efficiency project

DOMINO, a newly launched European project, challenges consumers to change their energy efficiency behaviour. Arctik leads the DOMINO communication activities as a project partner.

A serious game for smart people using smart plugs!

Conserving energy at home can have a real impact on energy bills. Across the European Union, individual households consume almost 30% of all total energy expended.

The DOMINO project will organise a ‘Smart Plug Challenge’ to encourage consumers to change their patterns of energy use.

Participants, signing up in teams of 5, will be invited to save energy by using state-of-the art smart plugs and a smart phone app. Via real-time measurements and energy-saving tips, consumers will learn about their consumption and test ways for conserving energy.

Participants will save energy and money whilst becoming part of a European community of energy-saving consumers. Empowered with knowledge and tips, they will enable a DOMINO effect leading to the adoption of more energy-efficient behaviours in the project’s target regions.

Communication for maximum engagement

The marketing and outreach activities led by Arctik are targeted at engaging 3,400 households (267 teams of 5 households) in three metropolitan regions of Europe: Naples, Berlin and Brussels. Activities include:
• Designing a visual identity
• Developing a marketing strategy and tailored communication
• Producing marketing materials (videos, web banners banners…)
• Running a targeted Facebook advertising campaign
• Coordinating local outreach efforts undertaken by the regional project partners.

Arctik will also oversee a range of dissemination activities aimed at sharing the results and insights of the challenge with relevant stakeholders and policy-makers at the local, national and European level.

Join the challenge, get your smart plug!

Households in the regions of Brussels, Berlin and Naples are invited to participate – the challenge begins in September 2016! More information will soon be published on

In the meantime, like us on Facebook at and stay on top of all the action!

Instrument: The DOMINO project is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, EE-10-2015, Consumer engagement for sustainable energy, grant agreement number 696074.

6 partners from 5 European countries: adelphi (Germany), Plugwise (Netherlands), Arctik (Belgium), Institut Bruxellois pour la Gestion de l’Environnement (Belgium), Energy Agency of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and Agenzia Napoletana per l’Energia e per L’Ambiente (Italy).

Project duration: March 2016 – October 2019, 32 months